Hi My name is "drugs"... you know, dope. Makes you shiver, does'nt it? I'm alcohol's faithful friend. And just like my friend, I despise everyone, especially youths. I hate you because you're young, intelligent and healthy. Fortunately, many among you are already my slaves and are starting to look it too.

In case you don't know it, my job is to destroy your mind; it's my specialty. I love the feeble-minded, the neurotic, the drug-addicts, the zombies... actually, I love everything but beauty. I find trees ugly and flowers really horrify me. The nature your God created, I find awful. That's why I send those who use me to lands of desolation and terror from where they most often never return. I just love to watch people kill each other to get me. I love big dealers, immoral people, filth, desperation and death.

I am known around the world. I go across the continents with the speed of lightning and no border can restrain me. I am everywhere. I laught ar laws and principles, and the trail I leave behind me is one of destruction and insanity. Thanks you! For selling me, using me and hiding me. Your help is a must to annihilate what's left of love on earth. If you love horror films; if you know pain and fear; and if, like me, you're a sworn enemy of happiness; then use me without reserve.

Finding me is easy... I'm everywhere; in the street pusher's pocket; in bars; in school; everywhere my services are needed. You can even become one of salemen. Like a vampire, I'm always looking for new blood. I have only one friend in all the world...alcohol; he loves me and respects me. He knows very well that I am even more dangerous than he is. Together we make quite a team - we are in perfect harmony. The number of our victims is constantly growing... what more could we ask for?

Won't you all give me your minds? I promise to be very careful in contaminating them as effectively and permanently as I can. And at the same time, I'll turn you into living wrecks in as little time as possible. If you're lucky, you'Il commit suicide, and if not, you'Il end up in an insane asylum or in jail. I'll let you think about it... I have to go. There is much work to be done... buseness is booming. Millions of innocent victims are waiting for me.


Do forgive me if I don't have time to watch your degradation, nor to assist at your funeral.

With no regard whatsoever for human life.